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Large format advertising on building facades or other extensive areas.

Banners are an inevitable part of the streets in our cities, therefore, a very suitable advertising material.

Banners are used for large format advertising on building facades, gable walls, and also a bit for large dimensional booths on exhibitions, fences, bigboard and megaboard panels.

We supply the banner production of various dimensions with the angled welds and metal anchoring loops trimmed for any requested layout.

Most commonly used materials are Frontlit, Blockout, Backlit, and Mash from 400 to 900 g / m2 priced as 5.50 € / m2 in regards to the used material and size.

Portfolio examples

  • Curel Photo
  • Budmar
  • Obývačky.sk
    Curel Photo
  • Rockwool
    Timan brožúra
  • Curel Photo
  • Správa
  • Správa
    Lokorail brožúra